Food businesses make up one of the largest industries in the world, mostly as it is something that we all use every day. The industry covers multiple areas, such as restaurants and cafes, supermarkets and corner shops, burger vans and takeaways, each with their own way of working and communicating with the customer. 

Something that all of these businesses will need to have in place is appropriate signage and point of sale information, telling the customer about any details that may influence their purchase. In this month's blog we look at what some of these details may be and offer tips on how best to display them.

What information does the customer need?

The key is not to overload the customer with too much information as this can put them off looking, but you need to be sure that your signage captures the vital details that will encourage them to make a purchase.

  • Price - This could be a straightforward number or if there is an offer such as 2 for 1, or half price, this should be listed. 
  • Unique selling point - Is the product homemade, gluten free or low in calorie for example. Is it one of a kind or the last in stock?
  • Delivery options - Does the customer need to take it away there and then or can they arrange a delivery time for their convenience?
  • Directions - Is it clear which way you are sending people in a restaurant environment which has a buffet for example? Do you need to include arrows as well as a message?

Give your business curb appeal

Signage does not always have to be next to the product that you are selling. A clear sign outside of your store or restaurant can help to encourage people inside, so it must be eye-catching and include vital information that they will see at a glimpse as they pass by. This could be your offer message or perhaps a special of the day. Pavements signs are great for adding a homemade feel to a business and are easy to update as often as you need to.

Make your message stand out

Each area of your premises should have it's own clear messaging, preferably on each individual item. This prevents any confusion of pricing, for example when the customer arrives at the cashier area to pay. If the pricing is clear from the outset, it may encourage the customer to actually buy more, rather than go to the till and regret that they didn't make more of the amazing offer that is now ringing up in front of them. Wobblers and card holders are great for offering important information in a compact way. They are neat and tidy, made from durable materials that will ensure they are long lasting, as well as available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. 

Posters displayed in a simple snap frame are also a great way of conveying product information to your customers. This could be anything from advertising a special deal that only happens on one day of the week (for example, kids eat free every Sunday), or for showcasing a new product that you are expecting into the store very soon.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick