Promoting a business can be a tricky thing. Get it right and you can increase your profits and bring in more sales whilst spending relatively little. Get it wrong and you’ll find that your marketing budget soars whilst your bottom line gets thinner and thinner. Yet knowing what materials to use in your promotions and choosing the right way to go about it can be something that many business owners aren’t confident in.

We suggest you use tents and gazebos to market your business. And here’s why.

They Can Be Used In Multiple Locations

The beauty of having a tent or gazebo printed with your company logo and contact details is that you can use it wherever you are, for a multitude of different reasons. Take trade shows, for example. Most of the other people there will have plain white gazebos. There might be a splash of colour amongst them, but generally that’s it – nothing that stands out from the (potentially mighty) crowd. Unlike the Custom Printed Gazebo with Canopy that we offer.

So if you have a printed gazebo, and if you erect that at that same event, where are eyes going to be drawn? To you, that’s where. Which is why it pays to be different. Not only that, but since the tent will have all of your contact details on it, even if someone is intending to come and chat but runs out of time or gets delayed somehow, they can still get in touch at a later date. Printed gazebos are the marketing tool that creates ripples that can continue for hours, days, even weeks or more.

They Will Let You Be Seen

It’s not just trade events that printed gazebos can be used at either. If you sponsor a local sports team, for example, the Custom Printed Gazebo With Canopy + 3 Full Walls could work wonders. It’s the ideal spot for the players to take a break, where their half time drinks and snack can be served, where they can wait if the weather is poor until it’s their time to shine on the pitch. And with your name and details all over it, it will be hard to miss. Everyone will know you’re responsible for keeping the team where it is, and your business could improve dramatically.

Since gazebos and tents are so easy to erect, dismantle, and transport, they can be used in multiple locations for many different reasons. Any kind of outside event, or an event that requires you to have your own ‘pitch’ means that a gazebo such as our Custom Printed Gazebo With Canopy + Back Wall will be perfect for you.

Cost effective, reliable, and a shelter for your employees too – what more could you need?

They Work Better Than Flags Or Banners

Flags and banners are great promotional products; they do work. To an extent. They don’t work to as great an extent as professionally printed gazebos, however, and that’s the big reason why tents are recommended over and above flags or banners.

Why are gazebos better?

It’s about visibility to start with. A flag or a banner has to be high up to be noticed. Keep it low down and it will get lost in the crowd – perhaps literally. And even when these things are fluttering wildly in the air, how easy are they to read? They’re moving constantly, and the eye isn’t always able to keep up with them. In the end, they can be ignored as much as they are seen.

That won’t happen with a custom printed gazebo. Due to its size, the gazebo can’t be missed. Plus they’re functional. Whereas a flag or banner is used solely for advertising (and rather obviously, too), a gazebo is there as protection against the elements, as somewhere your customers can go to discuss what they want from you, as a resting place for your staff. It can even be used as a pop up shop, bringing in a new revenue stream. The point is, as well as being an advertising space, it’s usable. If you just stuck with the flags and banners you’d still need to buy a gazebo to do all of the above. So why not combine promotions and usefulness and just spend out once? And with our keen pricing, you’re already saving yourself a lot of money.


When it comes to value for money and the best exposure for your business, a custom printed gazebo is your best choice. Cost effective and functional, these long-lasting, durable items can really make a difference to your bottom line.

Post By Rebecca Clark