Easter is just around the corner which traditionally marks the start of customers starting to spend freely again, following a time of saving after Christmas.

The general public look forward to Easter, partly due to the abundance of sweet treats on offer, the beginning of the nice weather and of course the long bank holiday Easter weekend - signalling extra shopping days to be spent in your store.

We have put together some easy to follow tips that can help you on your way to a bumper weekend of Easter trade and beyond.



Advertise that you will be open

A few weeks before Easter you should start to advertise the fact that you will be open. Some stores choose to close over the bank holiday weekend, preferring to have the time off,  but if you are committed to gaining those extra sales, plan to be open for business. Put a sign outside the store with your bank holiday open hours, also update your social media pages to advertise your intention to open. A Wall Mounting Snap Poster Frame is a cost effective and easy to install way of advertising your Easter plans.


Give the front of your store a spring clean

Stand outside and look at your store front. Does it look as impressive as you would like? This could be the deciding factor on whether passing trade would like to come in and look around, so start by cleaning the windows, painting window frames, polishing signs and maybe add some flower pots or Easter bunting outside. If you see uneven paving that could be a hazard, blocked drains nearby or overflowing bins that have not been emptied for a while, contact your local council. It’s surprising what customers will notice and what can sway their decision to enter


Work on your window displays

If your window display has been the same for some time, then now is the time to freshen it up. If you are selling Easter themed products then make these a part of your display, decorating it with themed bunting, Easter eggs and bunnies! If you don’t wish to go overboard with the Easter theme, just try a new and fresh display that will catch the eye.


Run Easter offers or competitions

One sure-fire way to get customers into your store is to run a promotion. For instance, offering 10% off when you spend £30 will attract those savvy bargain hunters who are out to secure a deal over the Easter weekend. In order to attract families into the store you could run a competition. Try placing bunny toys around the store, asking the children to count them and giving them a small Easter egg for getting it right. Alternatively you could ask their parent to fill in a form with the correct answer, entering them into a draw to win a larger prize. This will certainly encourage people into your store and will have them looking at your products while their children count bunnies! For an attractive and clear way to advertise offers, try a Hardwood Flat Profile A-Frame Chalk BoardRemember to advertise these promotions on social media to cast the net as wide as possible.


Launch a new line or product

You could use the long Easter weekend to promote a new toy, accessory, service or whatever it is your company specialises in. Advertise it on social media leading up to the event and have it featured prominently in your window a few weeks before with a sign saying coming soon. You could run a money off promotion if purchased on that particular weekend. In-store demonstrations will also encourage curiosity form passing trade, who will have rare free time on this long weekend to come inside and see what’s happening. If you have a member of staff who is able to walk around the local shopping area to spread the word, order a Custom Printed Street Graphic Flag Bundle. This will certainly grab attention and provide a good way to direct people to your store.


Planning now will enable you to reap the rewards of a bumper Easter weekend. If you find these tips work for you, try using them once a month, simply updating them with a different theme each time.





Post By Kimberley Roderick