There are many different holidays and celebrations this time of year: Halloween on October 31st, Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th and Christmas Day on December 25th. Whatever day your business decides to focus on, ensure your displays reflect the seasonal celebration by checking out what Crystal Clear Displays has to offer! 

Chalkboard Displays

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you can be versatile in advertising all the different holidays this season is to use one of our stylish chalk boards, such as our Wood Finish A-Frame Outdoor Chalkboard Display. Simply decorate with images and text using the chalk and then wipe off ready for the next occasion!

Teardrop Printed Flags

In order to make the most of our annual holidays and celebrations, you should ensure that your displays are long lasting so you can use them year after year. Our Zoom Quill Teardrop Printed Flag Bundles are perfect for creating custom designs aimed at specific holidays and are useful for both indoor and outdoor events with its weatherproof non-fraying printing. The bundles include the custom printed flag, flag pole, base and carry case. 

Poster Frames

Easy to install and very cost-effective, as it uses the wall as a backing rather than a back panel, our Eco Silver Snap Poster Frame Display Boards are perfect for advertising promotions, events and deals, arriving complete with a wall fixing kit to assist with installation. These boards are perfect for displaying your seasonal promotions and offers throughout the winter months, due to their 0.5mm thick clear screen which will protect their contents from harsh weather conditions. 

Clip Strips, Hooks and Shelf Talkers

Quick, easy and time-saving, you can update your seasonal small gifts areas and related promotions with our packs of 20 Clip Strips, with added strength that allow you to hang heavier or more fragile items safely. Our Metal Pegboard Hooks will also give you the option to hang your seasonal products, available in 5 different lengths to suit any display. Additionally, our 100 x One Piece Flipper Shelf Talkers are perfect for updating your displays with seasonal labels, with packs that ensure you can cover the entire area.

Menu Holders

Food is one of the most special and enjoyable elements to any holiday or celebration, such as mince pies at Christmas, potato pancakes for Hanukkah and sweet treats for Mawlid. Our varying types of display stands and boards will ensure customers can clearly see your seasonal menus and food deals. Our stands, such as our A2 Floor Menu Stand or Outdoor Free Standing Lockable Menu Stand, are perfect for restaurants and cafes, which are easy to assemble to make life hassle free in those busy seasonal months! They are very sturdy and have weighty steel bases to battle against our formidable winter weather. 

Whatever you require for your displays this season, Crystal Clear Displays will help to ensure that you can maximise your sales in the easiest and most cost effective way possible.

Post By Caitlin Bonning