If you are heading to an exhibition or trade show you may be considering an investment into a roller banner. This is an easy to use roller up poster that can be moved around as often as you wish and which will work wonders in attracting the attention of attendees at the event.

We offer a wide range of roller banners that can be customised for your needs, in a variety of sizes. Before you order your banner, think about what you want it to look like and at how you can utilise the space efficiently. If you can create the perfect design first time round, you will be able to use your new roller banner time and time again for years to come.

Decide on a Size

Thinking about where your banner is going to be displayed will help you decide on how big it needs to be. If it is going to be fully visible to the public, take advantage and create a full length version. If it is going to be partly hidden behind a table or product samples, then it may be a more cost effective idea to only print on the top half.

Crucial information to include

Try not to get carried away with creating an amazing banner that is full of colour and images, only to end up forgetting some of the vital information that you need to feature. For instance, have you ever printed a poster that you’re really proud of, only to realise that you’ve forgotten to include your contact information? You wouldn’t be the first! Be sure to mention your company name, address, phone number, email address and key points of what your business can offer. If you have a brand logo, this needs to be in a prominent position, as this will be memorable and give your potential customers something to associate you with. 

Where to place your design

If you are creating a full length roller banner, then a standard layout may work best for you. Divide the banner into three and add this information:

  • Top section - This should be your brand logo, plus any tagline that your business has.
  • Middle section - Being more at eye-level this should be your main sales message and unique selling points that will stand you apart from any competitors at the event.
  • Bottom section - Include your contact information here, such as website details, email, phone numbers and social media information.

If you are using images, try to use high quality ones that will say something about your business, rather than just something random to fill the space. 

Represent your brand

Having this in mind as you plan your design is crucial. When choosing colours and images, try to link it back to your brand logo and any other promotional material that you may have. If you can tie everything in together, it will make your company look more professional and like you have your own graphic designer at your disposal!

Don’t overload your banner

Essentially your banner should be limited to what you feature on it. It should be noticeable to passersby, but in a way that is memorable, which it won’t be if there is too much information to take in. During the few moments when a potential customer is passing, your banner should scream your main selling points, making them want to stop to find out more. If your banner is too busy, it will just blend into the background and go unnoticed. 

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Post By Kimberley Roderick