Attending an exhibition will allow you to reach a wider customer base, using the event as a great opportunity to network and attract new clients.

Whether the exhibition is for a day or a whole weekend, you must be ready to make the most of the time you have. We have put together an easy to follow checklist, which will help you to be prepared and not waste a second of your precious time.



Arrive early. Don’t leave everything to the last minute and end up being late. You want to be ready as soon as the doors open to the public, so pack everything up the night before, leave home early and know exactly where you are going. Have a plan of how you are setting up your stall beforehand and be rid of clutter by opening. Looking unorganised is not a great first impression as people walk by

Commit to manning the stand at all times. Never leave your stand unattended, as this could be the time when a major client walks by. Bring a packed lunch, snacks and flasks of hot drinks. If there are two of you, take toilet breaks separately and try to time them when it looks as though passing traffic has calmed down

Make your brand recognisable. Hopefully you will already have a brand logo and colour scheme. Try to incorporate this into the layout of your stall, by adding it to a Wasp Economy Snap Roller Banner, grabbing people’s attention as they walk by. Your logo should be bold, bright and clear to read.

Be different. Use props, dress in bright clothing, play music...anything that will grab the attention of people walking by.

Be ready for anything. You should know your brand inside and out, prepared to answer any questions that you could be asked. You will have a list of prices, timescales and other specifics that apply to your company, so that the potential client does not have a chance to move away before you have finished your pitch.

Have contact information available at all times. Be ready to hand out your business details on leaflets and business cards, with piles of them stacked on your table for passersby, just  in case you are already talking to other potential clients. A Counter Standing 4 Pocket Landscape Business Card Holder will look professional and tidy on your stand. Also have pens, paper and tablets ready for taking visitors details if you have been asked to contact them with further information.

Don’t be afraid to approach people. If traffic to your stall has quietened, ask one of your to team to step outside your area to hand out leaflets and to draw people into conversation. Ask them questions to try and get them to open up, as we all love talking about ourselves! If this person can walk around the whole exhibition with leaflets, maybe try carrying this Custom Printed Street Graphic Flag Bundle, a great way to get noticed.

Advertise a giveaway. If you are in the position to offer a competition prize, tell people that if they agree to receive further contact from you, or if they take the time to speak to you today, they will be entered into a prize drawer that will have a winner announced at the end of the day.

Promote your attendance on social media. Do this leading up to the event and also post during quiet periods of the exhibition day, where people can decide to come and visit you at the last minute.

Be positive and upbeat. Even if you are tired from being on your feet all day, don’t let it show. A client will want to know that you have the stamina to offer them the best service possible, so fight through the fatigue and present your pitch as if it is the first one of the day.




Post By Kimberley Roderick