If customers don’t come to you, then you must go to the customer. Sometimes we need to go a little further to ensure that potential clients know we are there, so that they venture into a store or pick up the phone to make an appointment with us.

This is where outdoor advertising can be crucial. The purpose is to make people take notice and hopefully stop, because they have seen that your have a product or a service that they need, or because you have caught their curiosity and they want to know more about you. Here are our 5 top products that can help you to use outdoor advertising effectively, in order to get the results you desire.


Double Sided Outdoor A-Frame Pavement Display Sign

Available in 4 different sizes, an outdoor display sign is one of the simplest ways of grabbing people's attention. Simply put your promotional poster behind the aluminium snap frame to keep it safe and dry against the weather. The galvanised steel frame is durable and attractive, perfect for everyday use and easy to pack away at the end of the day. This product is available with the option of custom printing, so you are able to make the sign as unique as you wish.


Wall Mounting Snap Poster Frame

This stylish poster frame comes with pre-drilled holes, to help make mounting it as quick and easy as possible. With an attractive silver frame, it comes in 5 different sizes and has an ‘intelligent’ mechanism for secure fixings and openings. An anti-glare screen will ensure that the contents is always clear and visible to people passing by.


Outdoor Free-Standing Lockable Menu Stand

These sturdy floor standing menu stands are perfect for all types of advertising, not just for menus. They can be placed near to the entrance of your business, clear and visible for potential customers to notice. The stand is lockable, so your artwork is protected against tampering. It has rubber feet to keep the unit stable and an angled screen which will present the contents in an easy to read way.


Zoom Quill Teardrop Custom Printed Flag Bundle

To really get your business noticed, go for our customer printed flag bundle. This is an easily noticeable advertising tool, that can be as bright and detailed as you wish, with a selection of bases that can be chosen to suit the area you plan to place it. These will also stand well against unpredictable weather.


Single Pocket Portrait Wall Mounted Outdoor Leaflet Holder

With an attached lid to keep the contents safe and dry, an outdoor leaflet holder could be beneficial in bringing you more business. Providing that you have permission to fix this holder to the outside wall of your store, or of another location where you are allowed to advertise, it will make your leaflets more accessible to the passing public. The holders are completely weather resistant and have pre-cut fixing holes to make it that little bit easier.


In just a few simple steps you could expand your passing clientele, with advertising tools that will either encourage people into your store straight away, or will give them the information that they need in order to contact you later on. In a time where competition on the high street is bigger than ever before, these simple outdoor advertising steps could help you to get ahead of the game.

Post By Kimberley Roderick