For many businesses Christmas is the busiest time of year, an opportunity to give sales a significant boost before the end of December.

Particularly with the increase in online shopping, it has never been more important to make Christmas shopping days count. So how can you try to maximise this seasonal trade? We’ve put together a few ideas that could help to make your festive trading period a success.



Do your research

Before you even consider what POS to use during the festive season, look back at what you have sold in previous years. If you are going to try to entice customers into your store, you need to be sure they are in the market for what you have to offer. Once you have the right mix of products, display them in a way that will show them off to their best, adding in some Christmas decorations perhaps. You don’t need to be tacky, just add a little bit of Christmas sparkle to catch a customer’s eye! If you don’t do so already, consider late night shopping or Sunday trading. Ask your trading neighbours if they have found it successful in the past. As long as you’re not direct competitors, they will most likely be happy to tell you.


Get noticed by passing shoppers

Shout about any promotions you have going on in-store, by using marketing tools such as pavement signs and promotional flags. Make sure that they are clearly visible and contain a brief, clear message of what customers will find when they step through your doors. A Double Sided Outdoor A Frame Pavement Display Sign and a Zoom Custom Printed Quill Teardrop Flag would work wonders! Position them carefully so that they will not block the way of pedestrians or wheelchairs.


Have a clear queuing system

Christmas may be a time to be jolly, but it's also a time to become incredibly stressed! Long queues and delays at the till area are often the biggest annoyance of a festive shopping trip and may even lose you the sale if the customer is not prepared to wait. Ensure you have a clear walkway to the till, put up till barriers so that there can be no arguments about who was next in line and always have enough staff available to help out during busy times. Maybe consider having a display of stocking fillers within reach of this queuing area, as this is the time of year when impulse buying is key!


Draw attention to any special promotions

Banner stands are a great idea to draw the customer towards a particular area of the store you want them to visit. This could be where the special offers are or where you have older stock that you want to try and sell through first. Perhaps this area is the only section that covers Christmas at all. In which case you will really want it to stand out and be able to make any sales message clear. A Grasshopper Economy Adhesive Roller Banner is perfect for such an area.


With some advance planning and careful thought, this festive season could be your best ever. Simply put yourself in the shoes of the customer and imagine how easy or hard you would find the shopping experience in your own store. It's never too early to start planning for Christmas!

Post By Kimberley Roderick