Taking a business to a trade fair or market place has become increasingly popular over the years and will continue to be so following the Covid 19 pandemic, where being out in the fresh air is seen as the safest place to be. 

Being a part of an outdoor event can take a little bit more planning than something in a conference centre or hall, so it is wise to plan early and prepare for anything. We have put together a few pointers that can help to steer you in the right direction as you start to get organised.

Location location location

Find out as much as you can about where your stall or stand will be placed within the event. You will need to know if it takes place on a field or on a hard surface, close to buildings or far away. Then you must decide if your particular business or display will work in that environment, especially as the time of year may dictate that the temperature is very hot or very cold, a factor that should be considered if your products are food or drink based.

Ask if you will have access to electricity and WiFi if these are essential for you to demonstrate services to customers. Also check that you will be able to access your allocated space with a car, especially if you will have many large and heavy items to unload. Make sure that there will be toilet facilities and parking nearby too, your staff will thank you for this!

Pack the essentials

You should find out what the event will be able to provide, such as tables, chairs and lighting. These are essential elements of a good display stand so you will need to leave plenty of time to acquire these if the venue does not supply them. Tea and coffee making facilities may not be available to you, so make sure you pack a flask and plenty of food in case there is nowhere to provide it.

Plan the stock that you will take very carefully. If you will only be taking orders on the day then you will need just one sample of each of your products. If you are running a stall where you are selling directly to the customer, be sure that you have enough room in your van to hold as much stock as possible, as you will not want to run out half way through the day. Or perhaps if the venue is close to your storage premises, arrange for someone to drive back and replenish your stock if it is running low.

Communicate the event

Once you know what event you will be attending and what the opening times are for visitors, be sure to advertise it on your social media accounts, by word of mouth and by putting up posters if you can. People love to support local businesses at such exhibitions and events, and the more people that you have at your stall, the more interest it will gain from curious wanderers who have never shopped with you before.

Organise your pitch

Once you have your allocated pitch you will need to make sure that you are visible and efficient in setting up your stand. Our custom printed flags and banners will be perfect for getting you noticed and will ensure that potential customers can find you again if they need to go away and have a think on your services for a while. A tent or gazebo covering will give you a professional look, as well as giving you some cover if the weather is a little wet or cold that day. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to duck underneath and are much more likely to buy something whilst they are there.


If you are having to travel a fair distance to reach the event, make sure that you book any required accommodation or transport early, in case they sell out due to it being so popular. Stick to the rules of the organiser and be respectful of their health and safety conditions. Once the event is over, leave your pitch as you found it and clean up any rubbish that may have built up throughout the day.

Post By Kimberley Roderick