Is your POS looking tired and outdated?  Do you feel like your POS should be giving you more return through sales?

If the answer is yes, then now might be the time to have a complete overhaul of your point of sale strategy.

It doesn’t need to be expensive and it need not be complicated.  With some forward planning and a little investment in the correct merchandising tools, you will soon have a shop floor that will be buzzing with interested customers!



1 - Appearance of the Sales Area

There is little point in having excellent POS if the look of the sales space is unclean and untidy.  Take some time to have a really good clean, ensuring that any shelves and hanging rails are dust-free and polished.

Make sure that the lighting is appropriate for the area.  Soft lighting is key, being bright enough to highlight what you are selling, without blinding any potential customers!  If the space is dark and dull, it will not feel inviting and will only persuade people to leave quickly without buying.

The layout of the store is vital.  Walkways need to be clear and clutter free, offering an easy route around the product range.  If customers need to squeeze past display units or past other customers, you will need to consider how univiting this can be.  They need plenty of room to browse, with a clear route from the door through to the till area.

Think carefully about any music you decide to play.  It should be fairly neutral, so no heavy rock music (unless of course that is what your store specialises in!) and not too loud as this is only to be used as a backdrop.  Smell is important too. Sometimes a building, especially an old one, will have a musty smell that lingers. Keep the area ventilated, but also consider investing in a plug in fragrance that will give a subtle, fresh aroma and make the store more inviting.


2 - Grab Attention

The first thing you need to do is get people through your door!  A Premium Wood Finish Chalk Board Display Lay Frame would work perfectly, giving you the option to update it daily, with messages of sales or new stock that has arrived.

Once the customer is in the building, you will need to draw their attention to the areas you want to make sales in the most.  For instance, if you have a mid-season sale, or have a new season launch. A Clear Card Holder Round Base will make it clear what you are selling in each area, which will be strategically surrounded by other enticing racks of products that they will be tempted to look through.

As a general rule of POS, try to avoid using ‘home-made’ tickets and stands.  They will look unprofessional and are unlikely to follow a consistent look throughout.  A pack of 100 flippers will allow you to ticket efficiently throughout the store, with a clear pricing system that is easily updated and will look great!


3 - Create an Inviting Till Area

Once a customer has selected the items they wish to purchase, you need to make sure that they arrive at the till in a good mood.  If it is cluttered and dirty they may not feel so inclined to wait to be served. If you have business cards or leaflets to display, put them in holders that will look tidy and professional.  We like the Low Profile Counter Standing Landscape Business Card Holder and Single Pocket Portrait Counter Standing Leaflet Holder for a slick, clutter free look.

And of course, always smile and chat to the customer about their shopping experience.  Take on board any comments or criticisms that they may have about the layout of your store and ask if they were able to find everything that they needed easily.  If one customer has noticed something that could be better, it is likely other customers will have felt the same way.


It is easy to update your POS system, it just takes a little bit of time and thought.  Put yourself in the customer's shoes and you will see what works and what doesn’t.  Keep your strategy consistent throughout and you are sure to see an increase in the flow of customer traffic and an uplift in sales.

Post By Kimberley Roderick