We live in an age where networking and making connections is more important than ever. With so much competition in business it is crucial that we make ourselves known to as many potential clients as possible. The mighty business card is a direct marketing tool that can help us to achieve this, but with our world becoming obsessed with all things digital, is there still a place for a business card that you can just pick up?

The answer is most definitely yes. Here are some of the main reasons why we would choose to create a business card in order to give out your companies information.



1 - Digital is not always reliable

Unless a person physically searches for your business name or service, there is no guarantee that your name will ever appear in view of the clients you are trying to reach. You could send an email business card to a name that you may have acquired, but the likelihood is that the recipient will simply hit delete or it will go into the junk folder. You could pay for advertising on such social media sites as Facebook, but once again, with so many other business’ using this tactic, you are likely to be overlooked and forgotten about fairly easily. You can also leave your details almost anywhere, making it more accessible. For instance with a Single Pocket Landscape Outdoor Business Card Holder you can ensure that you reach people where the internet can’t.


2 - Offer a first impression of your brand

A well designed, colourful and straight to the point business card will grab the attention of someone who picks it up. It will offer all of the information that a client needs to contact you, without the distraction of pop-ups, other advertising and comments from other people that could either help or hinder your cause. Display your cards to their best with a Wall Mounted Single Pocket Landscape Business Card Holder which can be placed almost anywhere.


3 - It adds a traditional touch to your business

Handing out a physical business card is friendly and traditional, giving face to face contact where the recipient can see who you are and what you stand for almost immediately. It shows an element of reliability and has the potential to be an ice-breaker so that you are able to start a conversation.


4 - All of your details are in one place

Sometimes when you look for someone or something online there is just too much information to sift through. But if your business card has your name, company name, contact details and of course website address, then your new client can go straight to your page and will appreciate the time that you have saved them.


5 - Never miss an opportunity

With a business card in your pocket, bag or left at locations where clients can pick one up, you will never miss the chance to pass on your details. Asking someone in passing to remember a website address or expecting them to save your information directly into their phone can seem a little pushy and inconvenient. A business card will sit in their pocket until later in the day when they will have time to look it over properly, look up your website and hopefully save your number in their contacts list. A good way to display your business cards on a desk, in a store or a waiting room is in a Counter Standing 4 Pocket Landscape Business Card Holder, where people will often pick one up out of curiosity.




Post By Kimberley Roderick