With every new year comes the possibility of a fresh start and if your POS is looking slightly dull, then January is the time to shake things up. Your POS is directly linked with your brand and even though small little details may seem insignificant to some, they are vitally important to attracting customers and making your business look more professional. Take a look at our range of merchandising POS products in our list.

Hang Tabs

An essential for retail displays, hang tabs help you to display your hanging products effectively. Providing a more polished look, our hang tabs are available in a range of different sizes and tab slot types to suit your requirements.


Easy to apply and providing great value for money, our range of tabs allow you to display products effortlessly, avoiding customers having to sift through a pile of products and not seeing each variety or size. Our tabs are suitable for a range of retail displays.


A fantastic way to draw a customer’s attention to a product, our range of wobblers can be easily attached to a display such as shelves. The wobbler can be removed and moved around effortlessly and the wobble effect helps make a key item that is discounted or new more appealing to a potential customer. We offer a pack of 100 wobblers on our website for an excellent price. Perfect for sales.

Card Holders

With a simple round base, this card holder can be placed anywhere amongst your display to really help enhance your POS. Stand it at the front of your store to display opening times, events, sales and more. Easy to assemble, the holder can be stored away when not in use.

We hope that this list has provided you with some great ideas to enhance your POS this new year. Remember, all that has been mentioned above can be purchased on our website.

Post By Lauren Smith