Transparent materials are great for retail and allow you to display your products and protect them from damage or theft. It is important therefore to look after your cases and keep them clean so they show your wares in the best light possible. Keeping them clean is not as simple as you might think though, and by using the wrong tools you could actually end up making your display case look ten times worse.

What Are The Right Tools?

Acrylic is highly shockproof and can be anywhere between 10-24 times harder to break than glass, but the same cannot be said for scratches. Acrylic can be scratched with relative ease making even the mildest abrasives a poor choice of cleaning material. To ensure that your display remains clear and retains its transparent clarity we strongly suggest you use micro-fibre cloths and nothing more than soapy water.

What About Stubborn Stains?

In the event of really tough stains like oil, glue or blu-tack a small amount of weak solvents can be used safely. Kerosene or naphtha are the ideal and nothing any stronger ought to be used as you will run the serious risk of damaging the acrylic. Be sure to use any solvents in an open and well ventilated space.

What To Do If Scratched?

Perhaps you were unaware of acrylic’s susceptibility to scratches and accidentally used glass cleaner or something unsuitable on it; what can you do? Fortunately small or shallow scratches can be removed with some inexpensive acrylic polish and slightly more serious scratches can be rectified with acrylic scratch removal kits, which offer a cost-effective solution and are available from acrylic sheet suppliers.

Post By Dan