When it comes to retail, it’s important to display your product in an appealing way to your potential customers, no matter what you sell. From clothing to electronics, home essentials to food, it is vital that you display your merchandise in the best possible way.

But for some reason, many retailers seem to either forget or ignore this most important of factors, putting very little care into their visual display and cramming their retail space with as much product as possible. And this is where the mistake is made – by ignoring the very first thing potential customers will see, you’re driving them away before you’ve even had a chance to sell.

When it becomes particularly important to display your products in the correct manner is when, essentially, that’s all you’ve got. Big brands have a reputation, they have a name, and they have a fan base. When you haven’t necessarily got that, that is when visual merchandising becomes vital. And we have found that this is never more applicable than in the food industry and, rather fittingly, for retailers of sweets.

First Impressions – They Might Be The Only Impression

We all know that first impressions are vital, and sometimes it might be the only impression you get to make. Therefore it’s important to think about the first thing customers see and usually that is the products. However, there is a balance to strike here – too much and your shop will look crowded, too little and visitors will be unsure about your purpose. So, first impressions count and that leads us on nicely to our next point…

Dress Up Your Window

For the majority of retailers, a window has never been so important. It is the first thing customers see and what will entice them in and, hopefully, purchase. And it’s your chance to be creative; gone are the days when windows were used to simply display products. Yes that’s important, but add something that’s unique to you and your business and you’ll entice more people in.

C.U.T. – Clear, Uncluttered, Tidy

These three factors are the next important step once you’ve got people through the door. Of course it’s important to have your products easily accessible, but don’t clutter your space with too much. Here it helps to be nicely organised, with the right storage units or display accessories helping to showcase the product in a clear and tidy way. The easier it is to navigate your store and products, while ending up at the till, the more likely people are to buy.

When all of these steps work together, visual merchandising is a real asset to any company. With the competition greater than ever, both on the high street and online, it is vital for retailers to have a USP, to stand out from the crowd. The biggest asset that you have is your product, so use it to your advantage in the best possible way.

Post By Dan